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Poetry of Others

While we have a special section of this site dedicated to the poetry and writings of Ed Wells, this particular page is devoted to Christian and inspirational poetry penned by others. Please visit this section often as we build it!

“Finding God In The Darkness” -- Miranda Edan Rieckens
“The Lamb” -- William Blake (1757-1827)
“A Child’s Hymn” -- Charles Dickens
“Lord” -- Lisa Hall
“You’ll Never Walk Alone” -- Jeanne Louise Johnson
“Sonnet: On Being A Christian” -- Dr. John Celes
“The Perfect Church” -- Author Unknown
“’Twas The Week Before Christmas” -- Author Unknown
“The Master’s Way” -- Author Unknown
“Christian Alphabet” -- Author Unknown
“The Lord’s Charge” -- Charles Wesley
“A Name In The Sand” -- Hannah Flagg Gould
“Lead Me On” -- Author Unknown
“I Prayed For You Today” -- Author Unknown
“The Precious Years” -- Author Unknown
“The Promise” -- Author Unknown
“Daily Creed” -- Author Unknown
“Family Reunion” -- Author Unknown
“Jesus” -- Author Unknown
“One Moment” -- Author Unknown

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