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Ben Stein’s EXPELLED: No Intelligence Allowed

Every free-thinking individual should see this film! 

For review and commentary by Mick Wells...

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Wells of Salvation Ministries is pleased to welcome two new associates who have responded to the Lord’s calling to serve Him as ministers of the Gospel! For more information on our WOS ministers, please click here.

Rich Baker

Rev. Richard A. Baker

“Preach the Word; be prepared in season and out of season...”
2 Timothy 4:2

Rev. Brian P. Jackson

Rev Brian Jackson

    Rich testifies of giving his heart to the Lord as a young boy. But growing up in an abusive home environment led to difficulties in his adult life and his marriage After crying out to God for help in 1992, the Lord healed his brokenness and gave him a strong desire to reach the lost for Jesus Christ. In Rich’s words, “Now I serve my Lord in everything, because now I know that He is everything. He has allowed me to preach, teach, counsel, work with a homeless shelter, minister in prisons, and play in a praise and worship team... Jesus and His Gospel of Love has to be preached.”  Rev. Baker and his wife Wendy live in Troy, Ohio.

    Brian testifies of growing up in a Christian home and giving his heart to Jesus at age 5. In his adolescence, however, he experienced restlessness, guilt, loneliness, and frustration in relationships. He struggled through times of temptation when friends dabbled in sinful behavior. Then he listened to a radio sermon that asked, “You’d die for Jesus but would you live for Him? Is there anything in your life you wouldn’t give up for Christ?” That evening, Brian committed his all to God. In his words, “I can tell that every job, every hobby, every crushing defeat, and every glorious victory in my life has been to prepare me for things I have yet to do, and God continues to work in my life for His glory.” Rev. Jackson is a senior at Wright State University.

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“Cross Connection” -- Radio Ministry

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     Our “Cross Connection” radio ministry spanned over 2 1/2 years, highlighting Scriptural principles evident in lyrics of pop, rock and folk classics heard daily over the secular airwavesIt’s amazing how many of these songs present Scriptural truths, or deal with human needs for which God’s Word provides instruction! Many came from the “Jesus Movement” era in the ‘60s and ‘70s. Over the course of our broadcasts, we prepared program outlines that can be readily used for Sunday School classes, small group and/or personal studies.  Below are names of just a few of the featured artists and groups from among the 140 programs we recorded...

Eric Clapton

Stevie Wonder


Johnny Cash

George Harrison

Elvis Presley

Doobie Brothers


Bob Dylan


Jackie Wilson

Van Morrison

John Mayer


The Who


To see our “Cross Connection” Radio Ministry page with links to the Study Notes for all 140 programs

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