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Mark’s Corner

    Okay, so now I guess I’ll actually get started. What shall I use this corner of the net for? Many things, perhaps. I have some poems of my own I may share here and also evaluate some songs, however God leads me. He is #1 in my life and I’m extremely grateful for His sacrifice. If any of you guys wish to contact me, myspace is best (http://myspace.com/turl26 is my address; message me). I’ve decided that I’ll upload something in the near future, so watch for more mysterious occurrences here... in the night... or perhaps even the day time!

dolly flirting avec moi

“Mark Facts”:

   - Born in March
   - Love music (as long as the lyrics are Christian,
 that being most important to me; bands I enjoy are Relient K, Red, Grey Holiday, Leeland, Kutless, Hillsong, a little bit of TDWP and Falling Up, and probably some more =F)
   - Have been in school plays
   - Fascinated by bioethics (tempted to get a master’s in that... someday...)
   - Evangelism is awesome (Go CEF!)
   - Despite my mere thinking concerning the topic, I’m hoping to pray intensely in the coming year. God’s love is intense, burning into my <3

Visit www.axnjaxn.com, my best friend (Tim)’s bro’s site

In Christ,

Mark Receiving Diploma
towel copy1

The Call DC.

Abortion confronted
Wisdom sought over immigration
Pleading for mercy
Beautiful forgiveness
Unhindered tears
Breaking through, personally, 
  historically, presently,
Prayers for those that govern
And those that do not

O God, we seek Thee
Come heal us


As we Love Thee
In surrender
In petition
In awe

in Jesus' name,
So be it.

Holy, Holy
Lord God Almighty
Show us Your glory
Come and visit us
Mercy, Mercy
Lord God Almighty

Love abounds
   in our perfect surrender.

lou engle
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