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    Our founder, Dr. Ed Wells, dedicated his life to helping and encouraging others in the faith through volumes of sermons, songs, articles, books, poetry and homespun advice. Writing and public speaking was his passion, and he dedicated these gifts to the service of his Lord Jesus Christ. The following links to selections from his creative works are provided for your inspiration and to the glory of God.

Restin' Time


  • Inspirational and secular

“Uncle Ed Says”

  • Homespun views of life


  • From Wells of Salvation Songs

Sermon Outlines

  • Selections from 57 years of ministry

Books  (Under Construction) to include...

    Excerpts from . . .

  • The Gospel According To Mother Goose *
    • Beacon Hill Press      © 1969
  • More Gospel According To Mother Goose *
    • Beacon Hill Press      © 1975
  • Still More Gospel According To Mother Goose
    • Unpublished manuscript
  • The Balboa Project
    • Unpublished novel
  • Royal Rubies Of Redemption
    • Unpublished manuscript
  • Brooks Of Honey And Butter
    • Unpublished manuscript
  • Patchwork Poems
    • Self-published

Ed’s Personal Testimony

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