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Ed Wells’ Poetry

Midnight Moods -- a collection of 19 poems inspired by the magic moments of the night. Ed, clothed in his robe and night cap, would write in his favorite chair beside a dim floor lamp in the stillness of the wee hours -- a quietness broken only by the tick-tocks and chiming of a cuckoo clock and whatever sounds stirred the night outside his window. 

Ed at night

Verses For Mom And Dad -- Ed faithfully authored a personal poem for his mother, Ruby Wells, for each birthday, Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day and a variety of other special occasions. Ruby outlived her son by nearly a year, and was called home at 105 years young! This link contains select poems from the many Ed wrote for her over the years. 


Inspirational Poetry -- As a pastor, Ed routinely wrote and published inspirational poetry in his church bulletins over his many years of pastoral ministry. This link leads you to the first of two pages from those works.

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Holiday Poetry -- Christmas was Ed’s favorite holiday, and he consistently drew our attention to its true origin and meaning. Here you will find several printable, frameable poems about Christmas, Easter and Thanksgiving.

Seasonal Poetry -- Ed’s writing was often inspired by changing seasons. He loved summer best of all! Here are a few selections from his works.

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Memorial Poetry -- Ed conducted hundreds of memorial services for parishioners, friends and other members of the communities he served. For each occasion, he wrote an original poem for the bereaved. You may find these of comfort to you in times of sorrow, as they focus on the Lord’s love and care, and our eternity with Him....

Nostalgia, Humor and Other Themes -- Some of Ed’s poetry can’t be readily grouped with any of the above categories, so this link seeks to bring together the various other subjects he addressed.

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Stay tuned! Much more to come!

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