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By Rev. Ed Wells -- founder, Wells of Salvation Ministries (WOSM)

Ed Wells

   Jesus Salves -- ...and no, that’s not a typo!
   A Country Parson Goes To Town -- A folksy account from a country preacher who finds himself in a formal service with his more liturgical counterparts in town
   A Memorable Christmas -- During the Great Depression, a poor family gets an unexpected Christmas surprise!
   What Would Have Been Is Only What Could Have Been -- A two-page study of how God paved the way for the Messiah, as He had promised, despite unfaithfulness of His chosen people

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By Mick Wells -- President, WOSM

   Christian ‘R’-Rated Movies -- a skit


   Thoughts On The Rapture -- To quote songwriter Jackson Browne, “Don’t say it won’t happen just because it hasn’t happened yet!”
   Handling Disagreements -- What are we telling the world if we can’t deal effectively with conflict within the body of Christ?
   God’s Gift To Us -- The gospel is simple and straightforward. The gift of salvation, purchased at the highest of prices, is truly FREE to us. Why try to make it complicated?
Perspective -- Ever have trouble trying to do two or three things at once? Just try to imagine what’s on God’s plate at any given time!
   Children Of God -- ...when we don’t know how or what to pray...
   Encouragement -- ...a powerful gift of the Holy Spirit
   An Open Line To God -- ...no recordings!  ...no passwords!  ...no busy signals!  .
Then And Now -- Nothing going on in the Mid-East takes God by surprise!

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By Pastor Paul Jetter


 Senior Pastor, Upper Valley Community Church, Piqua, Ohio
 and Columnist for the Piqua Daily Call

A Man’s Life Does Not Consist Of His Possessions
Are You Lukewarm?
Be Content With What You Have
Be Thankful
Begin The New Year Building Eternal Things
Blessed Is The Nation Whose God Is The Lord
Can The Chain Be Broken?
Communication And Marriage
Compare Your Life To Those Who Suffer
Develop Your God-Given Potential
Don’t Wait To Live
Encourage Each Other
Entertainment More Valued Than Church Attendance
Eternal Purpose
Financial Freedom
Find God’s Power In Prayer
Find What God Has Called You To Be
Finding Happiness
Finding Significance In Service
Focus On Commitment In Marriage
Forgiven Often Does Not Equal Forgotten
Forgiveness Is A Choice
Give It All To Jesus
Give Thanks Always
God Always Loves Us
God Is Love
God Is Still In Control
God Wants To Be Your Friend
God’s Specialty
Good Parenting
Guilt And God’s Word
Have A Positive Church Experience
How’s Your Sunday
Is Your Faith In Jesus?
It’s Christmas
It’s Our Choice
Keep The Main Thing The Main Thing
Living By Credit Not A Good Way Of Life
Love Means Fulfilling Needs Of Others

Love Of Money Brings Dangers
NO Cuts, And MUCH Praise!
Out Of The Heart The Mouth Speaks
Pastors Aren’t Perfect

Prayer Is Important
Remember: God’s There In Good Times, Too
Return To Worship
Rise Above Your Circumstances
Salvation Not Determined By Actions
Seek And Follow God’s Guidance
Should Children Be Given An Allowance?
Spring Back To God
Tap Into Divine Power
Teach Kids Through Giving Gifts
Test Of Character
The Best Gift Requires Work
The Best Is Yet To Come
The Gift Of God Is Eternal Life
The Greatest Gift You Can Give
The Most Important Job
The Path To Freedom
The Path To Success
The Real Deal On Issue 3 (gambling)

The Right Words
Turn Toward Jesus This Easter
Victim Or Overcomer?
We Can Only Imagine
What Do You Expect In Life?
What Do You Prefer?
What Gift Will You Give This Christmas?
What To Do With Old Christmas Cards
What’s Your Decision?
When A Husband Loves His Wife
Where Has The Lord Placed You?
Which Issue Will You Back This November?
Wise Parents Listen To Their Children
You Like What You Learn To Like

For more articles by Pastor Paul Jetter...

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Don Jackson

By Rev. Don Jackson -- WOSM Minister

   The Gift -- ...the very best one to give at Christmas!

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By Bob Morris -- Secretary-Treasurer, WOSM

   The Meaning In A Word

Bob Morris
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By Virginia Wells, LSW -- Contributor

   “Nine Prayer Suggestions”
   “Road To Adoption” -- What led two old fogies to adopt again at ages 48 and 51?

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Other Articles:

   Realize This Startling Fact -- Recognizing our need for salvation; reprinted from the NAHC Bulletin

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Study Resources:

   God Of The Possible -- What God can do
   Some Things Are Impossible for God -- Did you know there are some things God cannot do?

Check back often -- much more to come!

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