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Considering Adoption?

“He predestined us to be adopted as his sons through Jesus Christ, in accordance with his pleasure and will --”  Ephesians 1:5

Krista Referral Photo
flying flag

Sheng Guanling

Referral Photo -- 2003

Guangxi Province, People’s Republic of China


 ...now Krista  Li-Ming Wells

“Ballet Star” 2009

Michael's Passport Photo
Michael 2009
Stork with Baby 5 Oct 07

Roman Konstantinovich Mikheyev Passport Photo -- 1994

Republic of Dagestan,
Russian Federation

...now Michael Julian Wells -- 2009

“God’s gift to skateboarding”

Adoption Links

There are hundreds of adoption agency websites you can access. Here are just a few...

Holt International http://www.holtintl.org/flash/index.shtml -- A christian organization

Families Thru International Adoption http://www.ftia.org/ -- We used FTIA to adopt our daughter, Krista Li-Ming

European Adoption Consultants http://www.eaci.com/ -- We adopted Michael through EAC

Bethany Christian Services Adoption Agency http://www.bethany.org/

Shaohannah’s Hope: How To Adopt http://www.howtoadopt.org/ -- An organization established by Steven Curtis Chapman

Road To Adoption
What Led Us To Adopt – Again!

an Article by Ginny Wells

[Note: This article was originally written as an e-mail to friends and relatives in the fall of 2002, and describes the events, activities and circumstances that led a 51-year-old husband and his 48-year-old wife to expand their family with a second adoption. This piece was written before the Chinese government had referred 15-mo.-old Sheng Guan Ling for our consideration in 2003. As of today, 1 Dec 2007, she is our happy, healthy 5 year old daughter, Krista Li-Ming Wells.]

 "It has been an enormous lesson in faith to ... see us enter into this incredible mystery of what does it mean to embrace a child who didn't have a family and now we are her family. Now we are a part of her and she's part of us -that's what God has done with us -- and that's what the Gospel is."

          -- Steven Curtis Chapman, recording artist, adoptive father of Shaohannah of China

"Defend the cause of the weak and fatherless; maintain the rights of the poor and oppressed."

       -- Psalm 82:3

     On Memorial Day Weekend, we attended an adoption reunion at the Cleveland Zoo for those who had adopted through the European Adoption Consultants (EAC) agency. There were 2,000 of us strong, and at one point, we were organized to form a parade. Each child received a flag from their country of birth, and a sign -- the name of the city of the orphanage where the child once lived. Children were everywhere... clinging to their adoptive mother's or father's hand... and with the other hand proudly and gleefully waving a flag of their heritage, e.g. -- Vietnam, Cambodia, Romania, Guatemala, China, Russia ... Waxing philosophical, I first thought how beautifully symbolic this was of adoption, holding on to one's roots at one hand and, simultaneously, holding on to the people who are giving the child wings.

     But then, EAC began to play on loudspeakers that classic Neil Diamond song, "America"....

[Click here for complete, printable pdf. article]


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