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...ministering to the soul, mind, and body of all persons through a preaching, teaching, music, and healing ministry to the glory of Jesus Christ!

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     We are Wells of Salvation, Inc. -- a non-profit ministry, incorporated in Ohio since 1979. We’re here to encourage you and help you grow spiritually in your relationship with Jesus Christ! We offer a wide variety of information and services, including...

Internet Radio!

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We are excited to report the partnership of this ministry with internet-based “Faith and Friends” radio! 

Providing Christian programming around the clock and around the world, you can tune in anytime, anywhere from the station’s homepage at faithandfriendsradio.com!

Be sure to listen in to “New Day” with personalities Bill Nance and Melody Morris, every weekday morning from 6-9 a.m. Eastern Daylight Time!

Bill Nance and Melody Morris
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Professional Recording Studio!!


“Advancing the cause of Christ through music ministry...”

  • Are you a Christian artist, songwriter or group wanting to record your work?
  • Operating on a tight budget?  Contact us!
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  • State-of-the-art digital recording
    • Recording software -- Cubase
    • Editing / Mastering Software -- WaveLab and Adobe Audition
  • 18-track simultaneous with 48+ at mixdown
  • Live, on-location 24-track simultaneous
  • All mastering and post-production
  • Over 30 years experience!

Reasonable rates -- Professional productions -- Timely service
Contact Bob Morris at (937) 416-1245 or at info@wellsofsalvation.com

For Additional Information --

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Original Christian Music

Wells of Salvation Gospel Band

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for more information ...

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Celebrating Over 28 years of Music Ministry !!
Original, Contemporary & Traditional

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Associates available for a wide range of needs

Pulpit Supply

Revival Meetings and Evangelistic Services

Jail / Prison Ministries

Pro-Life Rallies



Prayer for Your Needs

Assistance with Food & Shelter (Troy, OH area)

Special Events

WOS Ministers 2011

Contact us at

(Not pictured -- Rev. Roy Wheeler, West Chester OH)

For more information...

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Resources -- Extensive (and growing) Online Library!


Articles / Teaching Materials


Paul Jetter, Pastor of Upper Valley Community Church, Piqua, OH also serves as an editorial writer / contributor to the Piqua Daily Call. He continues to build an impressive inventory of outstanding articles that encourage practical application of spiritual truths in our lives. Here are just a few samples...

Rise Above Your Circumstances
The Best Is Yet To Come
The Gift Of God Is Eternal Life
What Do You Expect In Life?
When A Husband Loves His Wife
Where Has The Lord Placed You?

Don’t Wait To Live
Find What God Has Called You To Be
God Is Still In Control
God Wants To Be Your Friend
Good Parenting

For More --

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This link also features several articles by WOS founder Ed Wells, as well as by our associate ministers


Original Poetry -- Inspirational, Seasonal, Holiday, Memorial, Humorous,...

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WOS Ministries founder, Evangelist Ed Wells, wrote poetry his entire adult life -- from high school until his passing in 2005. A published professional, he left behind a virtual treasure chest of writings, including thousands of poems. As we build the online library of his works, we are making them available for your use. Many are already formatted on e-stationery, suitable for framing! Here is a sampling of Ed’s poetry...


When my workin’ day is over,
And I leave my task behind,
And I’m walkin’ home at evenin’
With a tired and weary mind,

Then I see the babies comin’
As they toddle down the street.
‘Tis a sight that lifts the burdens
And puts spring into the feet.

Then the little chubby fingers
Wrap the gnarled one of mine,
And the answer to my question,
“How’re you gettin’ ‘long?” is “Fine.”

Then I walk on to the cottage,
Just a king toward his throne;
Love’s the banner o’er my kingdom,
And these subjects are my own.

Then the queen comes out
   to greet me
And my pleasure is complete.
You may ask for fairer empires
All in vain – this can’t be beat!

Pity all the hapless fellows
Who retreat, when work is done,
To their silent habitations
Midst the setting of the sun.

With no little hands to greet them
And with no one at the door –
Though they have a bank of money
There is none that’s quite so poor.

Give me little feet and laughter;
Give me family and friends.
Even though we strive together
To make meetin’ of the ends.

Gold and silver are so lifeless,
Brightest jewels dull beside
All the joy that comes from goin’
Home to friends at even tide.

      -- Edmund E. Wells © 1962

Be Ye Ready
By His Stripes
Care Package
Christ For All
Come Holy Spirit With Your Fire
Day’s End, Day’s Beginning
Faith For His Day
Fret Not
God’s Business
Healing Hands
You Will Conquer
The Touch Of God

For More --

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Poetry of Others -- Inspirational Verse from a Variety of Authors...


Featuring a growing collection of Christian and inspirational writings from several gifted authors. Poetry has been formatted, suitable for framing! Here are a few samples...

Finding God In The Darkness -- Miranda Edan Rieckens
A Child’s Hymn --
Charles Dickens
“Twas The Week Before Christmas -- Author Unknown
A Name In The Sand
-- Hannah Flagg Gould
Hope -- Mick Wells

For More --

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Sermon Outlines -- Selections from Ed Wells’ Career as a Pastor...

Ed Wells

Ed devoted well over half a century to the pastoral ministry. He was ordained with the Pilgrim Holiness Church, Evangelical United Brethren, United Methodists, and the Wesleyan Tabernacle Association. His exposition of Scripture and timeless truths remains as vital and vibrant today as when he delivered these messages to his listeners. Here are a few sample outlines...


The Most Dynamic Proof
That Christ Lives
Religion Is Kid Stuff
From A Tent To A Mansion
A Turn For The Hearse

Royal Rubies Of Redemption
Signs Of The Times
Tomorrow Is Today’s Problem

What Happens When We Pray
Jesus Loves Me

Original Christian Cartoons!

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New Pastor 3

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Comments? Questions? Suggestions? Prayer Requests?


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